How You Can Make a Difference from Home

Make and Donate Masks 

In order to help slow the spread of the virus, it is important for everyone to wear masks.  Not only can you get you, your family and friends to wear masks, you can make extra for people who don't have them.  Here is a link on directions of how to make a mask

Organize a food drive for your  local food banks 

People who can't afford food are some of the people most affected by the pandemic. You can find out what the food bank most needs and get your friends and family to collect food donations.

Pharmacist helping elderly woman

Help an elderly person in need 

The elderly community are some of the people most affected by this virus. If you can do someone any kind of favor, that is keeping them safe, and making the world a better place.  You might be able to help with yardwork or small errands that you can do safely.  Just ask.

Tutor a Peer Online through Upchive

Keeping kids up to date on education is a big problem during this pandemic. If you can help someone understand what their learning from home, that will make a huge difference to them. Here is a link to a website helping with that

World Health Organization (WHO)

If you would like to help with the UN's organization helping with the current pandemic, i would check out This is how you can donate to help people around the world affected by the pandemic.

Call your Politicians with 5 Calls

Contacting a politicians is one of the easiest way to make direct change. You can raise a issue and debate what's important to you. Click here to start

Anti Bullying/Cyber-bullying

If you want to learn more about combating bullying and cyber-bullying, you should visit . This website by the US Government has all the resources the you'll need to find out how you can stand up to bullying.

Support Children Across The World 

Unicef does great work across the globe to help children. Got to to donate and see how you can help.

Holding Hands

Donate money to Share the Meal 


A lot of refugess are strugling for food during the pandemic.  Click below to donate to give people meals that really needs them