How You Can Make a Difference


Climate Change

If you would like to learn more about the Climate Change movement, I recommend  visiting 

This website has information on protests near you, resources, and all you'll need to know about the climate change


Gun Violence

If you would like to support sensible gun regulation in the USA, click here to follow March for our Lives organization made by teens does great work to put pressure on the US government for stronger gun legislation.


Fighting COVID 19 across the world

As you know, COVID 19 has changed everyone's lives across the world. Outbreaks across the world can devastate community's. Check out the WHO COVID 19 relief fund to donate to help struggling community's.

 Scales of Justice

Fighting for Racial Justice

Our country has a long history of racial injustice.  It is important to fight against policies and attitudes that still contribute to this today.  I recommend checking out This website shows you how to start a campaign for racial justice.

Gender Equality 

If you would like to continue the fight to gender equality go to National Organization of Woman does a great job of educating people and acting for gender equality.

Support Children Across The World 

UNICEF does great work across the globe to help children. Got to to donate and see how you can help.