Featured Change Maker

Olivia and Julia 

    Olivia and Julia have been doing great work for years. They has raised over 5,500 dollars for various causes. But what's best is that they're motivated and passionate. Here is how it all started...           

When Olivia was in first grade, she started a fundraiser to save the elephants.  She raised over 1,000 dollars. This inspired her little sister Julia to do it with her and decided to raise money to save the turtles.

Some things they have done to raise money include making greeting cards from their artwork and selling bracelets.

     What I really admire about their work is their commitment to making the world a better place. So, they raise money for organizations that do exactly that. They really care about the world around them. They promotes kindness and how we have treated each-other with respect. And that is what the world needs.                       

      To this day they continue to do great work for world. In this time of crisis, its kids like this that give hope. And that is why they are the featured as our featured change maker.